Banners Campaing

It’s not technology, it’s what you do with it

Agency: Netthink // Client: Nokia
Digital Campaign about the new Nokia N8. Catch the sunset and whatever you want.
Let’s see it

Let’s see it

Decathlon. Give emotions, give sport

Concept & Motion
Agency: Netthink // Client: Decathlon.
Don’t give tie as a present. Give emotions.
See the richmedia here

G-Force, Spy School

 Do you want to enlist your pet at G-Force Spy School? You just have  upload a photo in the banner of your pet and its more powerfull skill.
Agency: Netthink // Client: Disney

Identity e-Card

Proposal of Richmedia about the spanish identity e-Card’s advantages. The boy’s card is telling us all the secrets.
Agency: Netthink // Client: Home Office of Spain